Our Mission

iHerb is on a mission to make health and wellness accessible to all. 

Since our founding in 1996, we have been dedicated to offering Earth’s best-curated selection of health and wellness products, at the best possible value, delivered with the most convenient experience. We believe that health and wellness should be a universal right made possible through compassion and our collective action. This belief will continue to guide us as we endeavor to make our mission a reality.

About Us

We’re the world’s largest eCommerce platform dedicated to vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and other health and wellness products. 

For more than 26 years, we’ve been making it simple for customers all over the world to purchase the highest quality health and wellness products. From supplements to skincare to grocery items, we ship over
30,000 products, from over 1,200 brands to more than 185 countries, and we’re proud to provide the very best value.

26 years of bringing health and wellness products to the world


  • iHerb was founded in California
  • Identified clear eCommerce global market potential


  • Moved into an 18,000 sq. ft. facility to support increased customer order volume


  • Launched proprietary internally-developed technology platform for iHerb.com
  • Added product reviews to allow for authentic and honest reviews from purchasing customers


  • Relocated to a 48,000 sq. ft. Fulfillment Center (FC) in Irwindale, CA


  • Launched popular iHerb Rewards referral program
  • Added expiration dates on product pages for increased transparency


  • Launched iHerb House Brands, owned by iHerb
  • Sold first House Brands product Functional Beverage Mix – Immune Punch, Midori Greens, Eureka! Berry, Madre C


  • Expanded footprint to a 360,000 sq. ft. FC in Moreno Valley, CA


  • Opened a 211,000 sq. ft. FC in Hebron, KY, featuring cutting-edge technology to increase capacity and improve shipping speed


  • Launched iHerb app to further enhance the shopping experience for customers


  • Opened larger 393,000 sq. ft. automated FC in Perris, CA
  • Opened office in Irvine, CA
  • Opened office in China


  • Opened office in Pasadena, CA


Surpassed $1 billion in sales
  • Introduced iTested program to get House Brands products tested for quality by a third party
  • Opened a 257,000 sq. ft. FC in Elgin, IL
  • Received $100MM investment from Xiamen Kingdomway
  • Opened office in China


  • Opened a 243,000 sq. ft. FC in Easton, PA
  • Opened first international FC in Incheon, South Korea
  • Opened two inventory hubs: 401,000 sq. ft. in Moreno Valley, CA and 176,000 sq. ft. in Hebron, KY
  • Opened office in South Korea


  • Expanded reach to 23 additional countries
  • Continued operations successfully during COVID-19 outbreak

iHerb at a Glance


We deliver around the world with 16 languages, 74 currencies, and 34 payment options to support our mission of making health and wellness accessible to all.


Our wide selection includes over 1,200 trusted brands across categories including VMS, bath and personal care, beauty, grocery, and baby.


Our 20+ million product reviews are written by real customers who purchased the products directly from iHerb.

11M+ active customers

We have cultivated customer trust and loyalty through the quality and authenticity of our products and the great brands, convenience, and value we offer.

Climate-controlled fulfillment centers

All of our 8 fulfillment centers and inventory hubs are climate-controlled and GMP- or ISO-compliant ensuring the highest quality and freshest products.

Global team members

We’re truly a global company with offices and team members all around the world.


Emun Zabihi

Emun Zabihi


Michael Cody

Michael Cody


Clarice Hovsepian

Clarice Hovsepian

General Counsel


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Press Releases

iHerb Launches "For A Better You" Campaign To Empower Employees

26 years

The wellness leader presents new initiatives, strongly oriented to the needs and wellbeing of its team and their growth, health and happiness

(Pasadena, California, September 22, 2022) iHerb, the world’s largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements, is dedicated to continuously enhancing their exceptional employee experience and attracting the best, diverse talent on an international scale. With this goal in mind, the company has kicked off their "For A Better You" campaign, which encompasses a variety of initiatives, aimed at offering experiences for their employees that support their holistic development and inspire them to own their growth.

iHerb has cultivated a positive company culture – one that is an exciting place to grow a career, and consistently offers new and unique ways to prioritize its team members’ health and wellbeing. To further this commitment and take it to the next level, the company has launched their new “For A Better You” campaign, based on harnessing the power of community and giving team members the freedom and resources to build and own their dream career, on their terms. 

The campaign activities are specifically designed to empower team members to find their best selves at iHerb, with a focus on culture, progression, purpose, and impact. Campaign initiatives that help create opportunities for growth, leadership and recognition for employees include:

  1. Social media campaigns - Leveraging social media outlets, workday announcements and CCTV messages to recognize and celebrate team member achievements on an ongoing basis
  2. Community building - Offering a talent standard of the month and live working sessions, based on the topic, to practice new skills and network with others. Facilitating lunch and learns for the community to meet with senior leaders to gain leadership advice and their perspective on essential and impactful topics that foster expansion and success
  3. iHerb Leadership Academy - Recently launched learning experience, designed to help team members own their career development through pilot programs. These initiatives provide opportunities for employees to practice and strengthen their skill sets, with a focus on both short term and long term development support 

"Company culture and employee wellbeing have been foundational elements at iHerb since day one and have been essential to our continued success and growth. We are committed to helping our team members discover and apply their unique abilities, by fostering an environment that promotes collaboration, recognition, and work-life balance through our “For A Better You” campaign,” says iHerb's Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Léa Baltzinger. “As a global leader in health and wellness, it’s of the utmost importance for iHerb to nurture a strong and inclusive company culture, in which every employee feels valued and supported, and all voices are heard and celebrated.” 

Voted “100 Best Places To Work” it's no wonder iHerb has garnered the loyalty of its employees. To learn more about opportunities in fulfillment, corporate, tech and more, please visit https://careers.iherb.com/global/en/

About iHerb: We are the world’s largest e-commerce retailer dedicated to the Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, or VMS, category, with a growing presence in other areas of consumer health and wellness. Trusted by millions in over 185 countries, we offer a curated portfolio of branded and innovative third-party and proprietary products at the best possible value, conveniently delivered directly to our customers.  https://www.iherb.com

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Global Responsibility

At iHerb, we believe we are responsible for bringing positive change to the world. Whether it’s ensuring the highest possible quality of products for our customers, creating an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging for our employees, or caring for the environment that sustains us, we take our responsibilities seriously.


Through a number of ongoing eco-friendly initiatives, we are committed to the reduction of our carbon footprint. In our workplaces, products, and shipping, we strive to integrate the best sustainable practices, while maintaining the highest quality of standards for our customers.


We are currently involved in various educational projects in Cambodia, including the building and running of two new schools, as well as the promotion of children’s education through the Cambodian Children’s Fund and New Hope Cambodia.


At iHerb, our culture is based on shared values that unite our organization worldwide. These values speak to who we are, the culture we’re building, and how every single team member contributes to our larger company mission. Because we believe that everyone’s voice is powerful and essential, we strongly emphasize personal growth and development, collaboration, engagement, and teamwork.

iHerb Shared Values


At iHerb, our culture is based on shared values that unite our organization worldwide. These values speak to who we are, the culture we’re building, and how every single team member contributes to our larger company mission. Because we believe that everyone’s voice is powerful and essential, we strongly emphasize personal growth and development, collaboration, engagement, and teamwork.

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iHerb Shared Values